Miners Creek Trail

MinersCreekOf all the trails we hiked in Creede, Miners Creek was my favorite. Just a short drive from our RV park, it was easy to get there in time to see dew still on the trees and flowers.

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A Garden fit for the Gods

1804_GardenOfTheGods_webDear Readers: We have returned to Phoenix, and with a robust Internet connection, I am again able to post stories about our summer adventures in Colorado.

While we spent most of our time in Creede, we also enjoyed a few weeks in Colorado Springs. A highlight of our visit was Garden of the Gods.

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Still in Colorado

ShallowCreekHike_webBeing unplugged definitely has its advantages. However, being unable to conduct certain life necessities without a secure Internet connection is not one of them. Thus, we find ourselves in Gunnison, Colorado for several days to pay bills and catch up on email.

Gunnison is about 100 miles northwest of Creede and sits in a large valley rimmed with mountains. It’s blessed with good fishing waters, the Gunnison River and several lakes and reservoirs, and is a stone’s throw from the beautiful ski town of Crested Butte. It is several thousand feet lower in elevation than Creede and our Verizon MiFi is working like a charm.

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The Bachelor Historic Tour

02_MiningEquipment_webWith its rich history, we knew there had to be a lot of fun territory to explore near Creede. After a quick check-in at the local Chamber of Commerce, we had map and information in hand for the Bachelor Historic Tour, a self-guided 17-mile drive that includes 17 interpretive stops and points of interest showcasing Creede’s mining history.

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The History of Creede

I am publishing this post from Durango, Colorado, one of our favorite Colorado towns and site of my worst honeymoon … but that’s a story for another time.

We are here for a few days sans Airstream to enjoy our respective passions. For Scott, Durango is an attractive side trip as it’s less than two hours’ drive from the famed San Juan River and some of the best fly-fishing in the world. I am happy to be back in the land of decent wifi, Starbucks, a great bookstore (Maria’s Bookshop) and possibly a yarn store or two. Time for true confessions: I am most happy about the fact that I’ll be able to enjoy a nice, hot tub and shave my legs in a space larger than a phone booth.

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