Airstream – Part 1

Scott first mentioned the “A” word in a conversation we had two summers ago. We were enjoying a bottle of good wine and talking about what the future may hold for us. (I am generally more optimistic about our options, and improbable schemes of worldwide travel are always on my mind.)

So when he said, “you know, it would be cool to get an Airstream,” I nearly choked on my Oregon pinot noir, then proceeded to query him as if my life depended on it.

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We are not a lemonade stand!

We interrupt this road trip tale to showcase one of my favorite retirement gifts. I present to you the “no Comic Sans” coffee cup given me by Amber.

While we worked together less than a year, Amber and I bonded very quickly. One of the things we have in common is a dislike of the Comic Sans typeface. Finally, someone who understood!

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I love a road trip

Being goal-oriented has helped me achieve much of what I want in life. But I pity those closest to me when I set my sights on something outside my personal realm. My mind operates like a terrier, nuzzling and chewing, worrying on a bone until I figure out how I’m going to accomplish what could have been a mere passing fancy just moments before.

Such was the case with our Airstream.

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I have to confess to being a little skittish in writing this first post. I have blogged in the past – I started in the summer of 2006 – and while I came out of the chute with exuberance, after 14 months or so, I lost my zest for the craft.

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