Why yes, I AM trailer trash

… And I have the duct tape to prove it!

Friends, thank you for your inquiries and good wishes regarding Bubba and his brine-shrimp RV adventure.

Let me assure you of his continued well-being, although in the spirit of transparency, I must confess that we experienced a near-tragic incident.

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Trip report #3 – Bend, OR (or The Full Monty)

Friday, August 10 found us pulling out of Susanville in good time and on the road to Bend, OR. This was a stop we both looked forward to as Bend is graced with beautiful pine forests and mountain air, not to mention we had booked three nights there and were ready for a break from driving.

Our journey was pretty uneventful – generally a good thing when pulling a trailer – although I noted that we had missed the Paisly Mosquito Festival held in late July. Damn it! I can only imagine what great photos may have been possible there …

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Trip report #2 – Mammoth Lakes to Susanville, CA

After spending two nights in lovely (and cooler) Mammoth Lakes, we headed out on Thursday, August 9 for Susanville. This was pretty much a dead-head journey of roughly 250 miles with the express purpose of getting us further north and close to the Oregon state line.

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Trip report #1 – Departure

After months of anticipation and preparation, we pulled out of Phoenix on Monday, August 6. Truck and trailer were loaded to the gills, and we could immediately feel the difference in the ride of the truck. We’re both so glad we went with the larger Ford (350 vs. the 250 we had also contemplated).

Simply put, Barstow was a bitch. As much as we love our Airstream, its aluminum shell is a heat sink and our thermometer registered 102 degrees inside when we pulled into our site and opened it up. Airstream air-conditioning units remind me of that found in my Honda Accord – ok until you really need it and then you’re SOL.

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Bubba’s excellent adventure

As we have prepared for our three- or four-month journey, Scott and I have had a running dialogue about whether we should bring along an animal companion.

Those who know me well are likely shaking their heads in a “hell, no!” fashion. They are aware I am deathly afraid of dogs, and God help the individual who believes a cat would make a good travel partner.

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