Trip report #3 – Bend, OR (or The Full Monty)

Friday, August 10 found us pulling out of Susanville in good time and on the road to Bend, OR. This was a stop we both looked forward to as Bend is graced with beautiful pine forests and mountain air, not to mention we had booked three nights there and were ready for a break from driving.

Our journey was pretty uneventful – generally a good thing when pulling a trailer – although I noted that we had missed the Paisly Mosquito Festival held in late July. Damn it! I can only imagine what great photos may have been possible there …

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Trip report #2 – Mammoth Lakes to Susanville, CA

After spending two nights in lovely (and cooler) Mammoth Lakes, we headed out on Thursday, August 9 for Susanville. This was pretty much a dead-head journey of roughly 250 miles with the express purpose of getting us further north and close to the Oregon state line.

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