Trip report #15 – If it’s Friday, this must be Waldport

Dear Readers – last I wrote, Scott and I were just outside Yellowstone National Park. We’d hiked, we’d seen wildlife and we’d taken hundreds of photos. We’d also tired of cold weather (single-digit temps at night) and having to unhook our hose every night to prevent our water lines from freezing.

So with snow in the air and the RV park we were staying in preparing to close for the season, we consulted our atlas and The Weather Channel.

Phoenix still was seeing temps in the 90s – no, thank you! Utah and New Mexico seemed better choices for a warmer time of year. And with the holidays approaching and at least one child coming for Thanksgiving, Florida would have to wait.

So we hitched up, got back in the truck and drove about a thousand miles west. Two nights in Boise, Idaho, then another in Bend, Ore. and we now find ourselves back on the Oregon coast.

I am delighted as I love it here. Scott, however, is questioning the sanity of our decision as it’s rained 7 of the last 8 days. I tell him to consider this time as “research,” as I need to determine whether I can happily live in this climate after enjoying sunshine for the nearly 30 years I’ve been in Phoenix. I’m pretty sure I can but we’re spending another five days here to make sure 😉

Rain and all, we’ve enjoyed walks on the beach, eating the freshest fish and seafood imaginable, and exploring new sights, restaurants and microbrews.

And yesterday, our one sunny day, we went crabbing.

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