Winter’s on its way

Weather is definitely on our radar as we were chased out of northern California by high winds and threats of snow. In fact, we had to delay our return to the Valley of the Sun and hunker down in Carson City, Nev. for two nights as wind gusts reached nearly 80 mph. Need I say that it is more than a little dangerous to pull a trailer in that kind of wind.

After picking up a few groceries and takeout pizza, we experienced our trip’s first snowfall last night as we drove back to our RV park.

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Me and The Blue

As I was writing about the Oregon Ducks yesterday, I realized we blew out of Boise so fast I didn’t have a chance to share one of my favorite adventures of this trip.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am a HUGE sports fan, darn near rabid about Major League Baseball as well as college and pro basketball. I also have more than a passing interest in football.

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Autumn in Eugene

Service on both our Airstream and our Ford truck require us to hang out in Eugene, Ore. a few days. I am perfectly fine with this short delay as I am in no hurry to return to Phoenix. A quick look at my iPhone Weather Channel app confirms it’s still too hot there. It’s just WRONG to see 90-degree temps in November! Meanwhile, autumn is in full-scale glory here on the south end of the Williamette River.

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