Housekeeping item – Bloglovin

If, like me, you used Google Reader to keep up with posts on your favorite blogs, you may be searching for an alternative as Google retired this solution on July 1.

I did a fair bit of research on similar tools and decided to use Bloglovin.

Bottom line: It works as it should:

  • It allows one to access all subscriptions in one tidy place.
  • It is free and easy to sign up, either through Facebook or an email account
  • It is user friendly and you can organize favorite blogs with categories you create, and
  • It has a clean, streamlined design, allowing the content to shine.

If you’d like to follow this blog using Bloglovin, click here or on the button on the right under “Subscribe.” You can sign up, choose to follow and see all my posts – and those of other blogs you choose to follow – on your Bloglovin home page.

If you get stuck and need help, let me know!

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Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies

I love the Fourth of July, and I’m not sure there’s a better place to celebrate this holiday than Colorado Springs. Evidence of patriotism is everywhere – from the magnificent grounds of the U.S. Air Force Academy, to the many flags, banners and bunting draped on houses, landscape and yes, even RVs in the park in which we are staying.

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