I have to confess to being a little skittish in writing this first post. I have blogged in the past – I started in the summer of 2006 – and while I came out of the chute with exuberance, after 14 months or so, I lost my zest for the craft.

To be fair, I had wondered back then about my chances. After all, when one’s job involves producing a daily newsletter and 40-60 hours per week of writing and editing, one has to wonder how faithful you’ll be in coming home, booting up the computer and writing some more. As much as I love language, there have been many days when the thought of stringing together one more sentence has turned my soul to sludge.

Hopefully, that is about to change: Later this week, I will retire from said writing/editing job. And while my days will be far from empty, it’s my plan to spend a part of them chronicling my new life through words and images.

The topics? Limitless! In fact, one of my reasons for creating this new site is to use it to explore and express all the facets of my “portfolio” life. Thank you, Staci, for sharing the term with me! More to come on this later ….

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