Airstream – Part 1

Scott first mentioned the “A” word in a conversation we had two summers ago. We were enjoying a bottle of good wine and talking about what the future may hold for us. (I am generally more optimistic about our options, and improbable schemes of worldwide travel are always on my mind.)

So when he said, “you know, it would be cool to get an Airstream,” I nearly choked on my Oregon pinot noir, then proceeded to query him as if my life depended on it.

“So you’d really consider getting a trailer?” I asked. And when he said yes, my mind was off and running.

I researched the various models available for purchase, found and joined an international online community for Airstream aficionados, and spent hours reading reviews about towing vehicles. I even convinced myself there were “signs” affirming that we should pursue ownership of one of these iconic aluminum travel trailers.

For example, the very next week Scott brought in the mail and pointed out that Sunset magazine’s cover story featured a writer and her husband touring the California central coast with an Airstream Safari in tow. “What a coincidence,” he said.

“Hardly,” I thought to myself. “It’s meant to be.”

I’m pretty sure Scott initially imagined pulling our trailer to a favorite fishing site and spending a week or two there before coming back home to Phoenix.

But I had bigger plans, MUCH bigger plans: Two- or even three-year plans that included us driving through the lower 48 and north into Canada and Alaska … all the while capturing our journey by coloring in the states on one of those big tacky maps you sometimes see on motor coaches … Watching a baseball game in every MLB park, and visiting livestock barns and seeing first-place ribbons on cakes and pies at every state and county fair … Blogging about each day’s adventures, i.e. “Today we saw the world’s largest ball of string.”

Thankfully, Scott is a patient man and agreed to meet me somewhere in the middle. In fact, we soon came to talk about this idea as the All Across America Tour, one of five scenarios for how we’d begin our post-employment days.

To be continued




  1. erica
    Jul 31, 2012

    I’m so excited for you and Scott to start your adventure! I will be checking in with you via blog and wishing i was there with you!!

  2. Janie
    Aug 1, 2012

    Erica – so glad to see you here! I really appreciate your readership and support and will look forward to staying in touch! Please be sure to keep me posted on your parents’ RV travel – Janie

  3. Tessa
    Aug 3, 2012

    WAIT! There will be CAKE!!!?????

  4. Janie
    Aug 3, 2012

    Tessa – so nice to see you here, girl! Scott will be thrilled to know we heard from you. Stay tuned – I’m planning on having him do some guest posts, especially about fly-fishing and beer reviews – ha-ha!

    And of course there will be cake! What is life without cake? (wink)

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