Trip Report #6 – Lincoln City, OR (or you gotta love those monkeys!)

In leaving the serenity of the Sea Perch and slow-down pace of Yachats, we questioned our sanity. But this first leg of our trip was somewhat on a schedule, and family members in the Seattle area were looking forward to our arrival. To keep the drive pleasant and the miles to Seattle manageable, we decided we’d spend a few nights in Lincoln City, midway up the Oregon coast.

It’s interesting how the coast can change within less than a hundred miles. In Yachats we had looked forward each day to exploring the tide pools nested among rocky and barnacle-crusted mounds. Here, the terrain was vastly different, the beach stretching out in one continuous strip of sand. The expanse made for some good beach walking and people-watching, too.

On our second day there, we explored the tiny village of Taft. Choosing to bypass Mo’s, the well-known chain chowder house found in more than a few Oregon coast cities, we were rewarded by finding a loved-by-the-locals watering hole. Tiki’s specializes in mojitos and margaritas, and the fish tacos and Chicago dogs aren’t half-bad either.

If we’d needed further validation, we found it in a recent Sunset article, extolling the virtues of said nibbles and libations.

Fearing the wind chill, I begged Scott to eat indoors. We entertained ourselves with a sketchbook and colored pencils provided for guests and left our artwork for future diners as those before us had done.

We are creatures of habit and found ourselves at Tiki’s a second day, this time enjoying the sunshine and the company of a caged blue-and-gold macaw that frequently declared her love for us … well, and every other visitor, too.

Tiki’s is one of those feel-good places, and I swear that’s only partially due to the inevitable rum buzz. For example, they adorn their island cocktails with these little plastic monkeys. I LOVE THESE THINGS and upon seeing them was immediately taken back in time to childhood visits to my Grandpa Money’s house.

Because we lived out on the ranch, trips to town were occasions to look forward to. If we were good during our visit with Grandpa, he would give my sister and me a couple of quarters and we could walk down to the Tastee Freeze on the corner. Mind you, we didn’t have sidewalks where we lived and weren’t allowed to walk anywhere on our own. We felt so grownup walking those few blocks and ordering soft-serve cones from the high school gal at the counter.

Truth be told, the ice cream was pretty ordinary but every cone included one of those funny plastic monkeys. My sister and I collected them, hoping to get at least one of every color, but too shy to ask for those hues we were missing.

I love it that Tiki’s adds a little childhood fun to their adult beverages, and our Airstream entourage now is graced by the presence of three plastic monkeys: yellow, orange and my favorite, lime green. I’m not sure what Bubba thinks of them, however, as they are at least 100 times his size and dwarf him on our kitchen table.

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  1. torre
    Sep 2, 2012

    How fun – I remember those plastic monkeys!! Hopefully, Bubba isn’t too worried 😉

    I love the idea of the sketchbook for guests to draw/write in and leave for other guests – like trailhead signups along hiking/camping trails.

  2. Janie
    Sep 3, 2012

    Hi Torre – thanks again for reading the blog! And I’m glad someone else remembers these monkeys. The sketchbook was a really fun feature at Tiki’s. We had a great time looking at the drawings of other guests while also adding our own doodles. I like your metaphor about the trailhead signs – makes so much sense!

  3. Terry D
    Sep 5, 2012

    How funny about the monkeys. I have a handful of them and I just can’t bring myself to toss them out. I don’t remember where mine came from though.

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