A Bubba update

We are on the move today, driving through Yellowstone Park from the North Entrance at Gardiner, Mont. where we’ve spent the past two weeks, to West Yellowstone at the West Entrance.

Moving days are pretty hectic so I don’t have much time to write, but I did want to respond to the many kind inquiries about Bubba.

For those who haven’t been following along, Bubba Gump is one of five brine shrimp we own. Solitary in his Ecosphere – the other four share a similar vessel and are at home with our house-sitter Megan – he is on the road with us and continues to thrive despite that little incident with the altitude and resulting duct tape.

Here’s a recent photo. I swear he’s waving at me, but then again, that could be the result of my having lived in a confined space for the past eight weeks.

Nights are becoming cold, and the information provided us by the Ecosphere folks indicates that Bubba should not be kept in temperatures below 60 degrees. Not to worry – we are wrapping him up at night in a blanket I knit for him. (Well, truthfully, it was a misguided effort at hand-knitting a cotton dishcloth. Seriously, my craft skills know no bounds – ha-ha.)

Looking at temperatures facing us in West Yellowstone, though, I think I’d better get on the stick and knit Bubba something a little more substantial. I’m on a sock kick right now – you haven’t lived until you’ve worn hand-knit merino wool/cashmere blend socks – and am thinking I should knit Bubba a sock-blanket that we can pull around his sphere. Scott suggests it would be like a beer “coozy” but instead of keeping him cold, it would keep him warm.

As a self-confessed knitting addict, I’ve got enough yarn stuffed in this Airstream to insulate its entire frame so I’m sure I can find something suitable.

Meanwhile, we are compiling lists of all the dinners we can make using our propane oven and reading up on how to keep our water pipes from freezing. Wednesday’s low temp in West Yellowstone is forecast for 11 degrees so we’ll soon test our new-found knowledge.

To be clear, the Airstream is equipped with a heat-pump and furnace, and we have a ceramic heater that’s great for the morning chill. So it’s not like we’re going to freeze to death. But we do find it a bit ironic that we fled the severe heat (115 degrees) in August only to find ourselves now contemplating temps in the teens. No doubt we’ll soon be headed south, but until then, more of Yellowstone awaits.


  1. Torre
    Oct 3, 2012

    And people tease me about knitting blankets for my cats! Bubba is one lucky guy!

  2. Janie
    Oct 6, 2012

    Torre – thanks for continuing to read about our adventures. I would love to see the blankets you’ve knit for your cats. Are they on your Ravelry page? I’ll take a look!

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