Still in Colorado

ShallowCreekHike_webBeing unplugged definitely has its advantages. However, being unable to conduct certain life necessities without a secure Internet connection is not one of them. Thus, we find ourselves in Gunnison, Colorado for several days to pay bills and catch up on email.

Gunnison is about 100 miles northwest of Creede and sits in a large valley rimmed with mountains. It’s blessed with good fishing waters, the Gunnison River and several lakes and reservoirs, and is a stone’s throw from the beautiful ski town of Crested Butte. It is several thousand feet lower in elevation than Creede and our Verizon MiFi is working like a charm.

We’ve changed our plans – yet again – and will be in Creede through Labor Day, then push on home to Phoenix. Even daydreams of Santa Barbara beaches and fresh seafood proved no match for that 1,100 drive across the desert and 500 miles back, both in August. After our experience last year, we agreed we’d hold off on the coast. When we go, it will be during spring or fall, and we’ll stay a month or two.

Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy mountain hiking, perfect weather and some of the best rainbow and brown trout fishing we’ve experienced in years. And while poor connectivity won’t allow me to continue blogging, I plan to use the time to chronicle this year’s trip in a photo book, which I’ll share here in slideshow format this fall.

Hope your summer is shaping up to be all you desire.

Crested Butte on Dwellable


  1. Torre
    Aug 7, 2013

    Good to hear from you! I’m so glad you and Scott get to have this relaxing time – sounds perfect!! Safe travels 🙂

  2. Colleen
    Aug 16, 2013

    A very wise course of action, I’d say!

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