You’re going where?

SSeattleBlog_webome chapters in one’s book of life seem to write themselves, plodding along with all the excitement of a history textbook. Others take the form of a mystery thriller, pouncing upon you when you least expect it, even though you sensed change was lurking somewhere around a distant corner.

The next chapter for Scott and me is a doozy, one we saw coming and planned for, but not now and not quite in this fashion. In short, we have sold our loft in downtown Phoenix, are frantically shoving our stuff in boxes and will be heading out May 11. Destination: Seattle … we think.

Thank goodness for moving companies that store said boxes and the Airstream, which will serve as home until we find a new one. Travel plans include a short stint in Santa Barbara, a visit with friends in the Bay area, time in our beloved Oregon and on up to the Emerald City.

As Internet allows, I’ll be blogging. I’m not one for sharing the daily stuff, but out on the road with camera in hand, I am more comfortable in sharing the sights and experiences. I hope you’ll ride along.

Lots more to come. Thanks for checking in.


  1. Danielle
    Apr 30, 2014

    Such exciting news! I wish you and Scott all the best. I miss you.

  2. Torre
    May 10, 2014

    Safe travel wishes to you and Scott on your next adventure! It will be fun!

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