I am a communicator, a wannabe photographer, a digital and fiber artist, and most of all, a storyteller.

Cowgirl Chronicles was an obvious name for my website. Born and raised as the eldest of three daughters on a working cattle ranch (pity my father!), I am no stranger to riding herd and scraping cow shit off my boots. And creating chronicles, or stories of record, is what I do. It’s my way of capturing, processing and sharing what I see, feel and experience. It ain’t always pretty, but you can count on it being real.

I am wife to Scott (pictured here with me), mother to Stacy, stepmom to Russ and Elizabeth, and “Nana” to Chloe and Chas. I love to travel, watch and talk sports, read good tales and throw back a Maker’s now and then.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you’ll make yourself at home here. And let’s have a conversation or two. You can reach me through the Contact page of this site, or by email. My address is janie@cowgirlchronicles.com

Janie Holmes-Davis – Phoenix, Arizona

This ain’t no dress rehearsal.

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