Cowgirl Photo Creations

A longtime writer, I became fascinated with photography in the 1990s and stumbled into digital design soon afterward. Before long, I spent my sleepless nights and every possible daytime hour reading about and practicing new techniques and technologies. My cameras and computer became constant companions as I became very serious about my role as a family journalist. And by combining words and images, I found I was able to capture and share my most important memories through photo books and personalized journals.

I also made a vital discovery: Despite our greatest effort, unless we record our stories immediately, we begin to lose the color and detail of even our most memorable experiences.

The marriage of photography and design has brought me more joy than I could ever imagine. When creating, I feel alive and awake in a dimension unknown to me before I found this art form. And there is nothing more satisfying than watching people enjoy the books I have made for them. Seeing their eyes soften and hearts open as they recall a beautiful moment is a gift I hope I always deserve.

This gallery contains slide shows featuring a few of my photo creations:

Gina and Justin

Italy Highlights

Kauai Adventure

If you’d like to discuss my creating a custom photo album or gift for you, please drop me a line. You can reach me through the Contact page of this site or by email:


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